Multi-zone streaming distribution




  • Official comment
    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Greggo

    Speak with your Bluesound Authorised Reseller about the NAD CI580 from NAD Electronics (a sister Brand).

  • Seppi Evans

    You may want to see if your dealer or local HA company supplies Bluesound Professional equipment as there are several hardware devices which may suit your installation better and are rack mountable.

  • greggo

    Thanks, I was hoping to get some consumer grade equipment that doesn't require special automation software.  

  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    The NAD CI580 uses the exact same software - think of it as 4 nodes in one box

  • greggo

    Actually the CI 580 is a very interesting product, but it does not solve my issue of a multichannel amplifier capable of independent channel remote (RF or WiFi) power control.  Preferrable the inputs can be global to one line level source and a bonus would be to operate several channel in bridge mod


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