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    Thanks for the feedback Edward

    As well as for internal tracking purposes of the software, preset numbering is required for Custom Integration with products such as Control 4, ELAN or Crestron as well as voice commands with Alexa, Siri or Google Assitant such as 'Play Preset 2 in the Kitchen'

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    Great, I thought it might have some 'internal' use.

    For those people who don't have "Custom Integration" products.....well I guess we just have to know its there just in case we decide to go that route.

    Wondering if people will remember what preset 13 is vs preset 2 -or- would they just remember Play- Preset Jazz in the kitchen vs Play preset soft rock in the kitchen. Don't know but names seem more intuitive vs numbers. But then some people do use numbers, like exit-45 on the highway vs the name of the street....6 vs 1/2 dozen.......okay I get it, live with it.

    Can I propose a solution - Forgo the numbers until a custom product is linked to BlueSound. 

    Oh and BTW, fantastic product...and support!




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