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    Seppi Evans

    Hi Charles, hopefully I have addressed your questions.

    1/2. A player is a Bluesound device that plays music such as a Vault, Node, Pulse, Flex, Soundbar etc. 

    3. Bluesound is multi-room, each player can play its own music or…

    4. You can link players, using groups. e.g downstairs players play Jazz, upstairs Baroque. If you have a line in device on a player this can also be sent to other players.

    5. 16 devices on a WiFi only basis, wired (Ethernet) up-to 64 devices.

    6. Devices connect by Ethernet or WiFi… mix and match. If you want to stream high resolution a very good WiFi signal is required or better still wired Ethernet. Bluetooth is available to stream music from a phone / tablet to a player, it is also used in reverse to send audio to headphones.

    7. You need a player for each location, each player only outputs one stream at the time.

    8. Vault is equivalent to a Node but with storage of your CDs, the Vault can serve multiple players simultaneously.

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    Terry Bennett

    Well described Seppi 👍 
    Many Bluesound products may be bough online, with the advantages of a sales engineer to induct them into the system schema, and probably not as good as you’ve done.

    Gloss PR & brochures don’t provide in depth details, but would BlueSound consider encapsulating Seppi’s info for neophytes? might boost add-ons.,🤭

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