M10 HDMI ARC not working anymore




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    Sam R.

    Could be that your TV did a background update and changed something. That being said, would be good to check everything on the BluOS side just to confirm - replicate the issues and then send the logs via Help > Send Support Request (logs automatically attached)

  • KriHad

    Hdmi arc still works here, M10 <> LG C7.

  • Fabian E

    Hi Sam R.,

    so i got two updates:

    1. Most of the times, pulling and plugging the HDMI cable fixed the issue. The issue came back every evening after trying to wake up the M10 from Standby (timed-out hdmi arc connection i guess). Spotify was responsive and playing as expected - switching back to HDMI no sound again.

    2. Yesterday and today the M10 did not respond at all when tryin to wake up. No connection in the App, no response on the screen and no response on the button on the back. I had to pull the power plug. After that (reboot) everything back to normal. I will try if this persists with optical instead of HDMI...but this is new.

    I sent the logs (and linked this thread) after hard reset because of issue 2, but as far as i can tell it doesn't show in the logs.

    BluOs Version 3.14.26


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