remote service error: bad request on Amazon Music station




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    Seppi Evans

    When you next get the error message submit a support ticket from the App. Help…Send Support Request.

    Edit… do try rebooting your router.


  • vsz

    Yes I've done both if those things. I have not heard back from support yet.

  • Terry MacDonald

     I've had the same problem for the same time period.... it just stared a few days ago. I logged out of Amazon Music on my Android phone BluOS app, rebooted my Pulse 2i and then logged back in to Amazon. That didn't fix the problem. I cleared the cache in the BluOS and the Amazon Music apps. Still not fixed. I rebooted my Verizon Fios router and that didn't work either. So I sent a report ticket to BlueSound and after they looked at the log file they responded that it was definitely not their app and I should reach out to Amazon. I also get the same "Bad Request" message when using the BlueSound app on my desktop computer. If I use the Amazon app, everything works fine. 

     I read somewhere in the forum that requests from third party apps may go to a different Amazon server than their own app directs the request. If there is any truth to that, it may be part of the problem.

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    We have heard that theory too - only the third-party music service can answer that definitively. It once was the case with TIDAL but is not anymore.

    We are continuing to work with Amazon to find a root cause of the Bad Request errors you are receiving but it is Server Connection related so you are best to reach out to Amazon.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding

  • Terry MacDonald

    Ok, check this out. Last night before I went to bed I logged out of Amazon Music on the BluOS app. This morning I went to work and stayed logged out all day too. While I was at work something else occured to me. I have Blue Sound skill on Alexa. I never use it so I decided to disable the skill on the Alexa app on my android phone. When I got home from work, I logged back into Amazon Music using the BluOS app on my phone and now I have working stations again. 

     I recommend logging out of Amazon Music and staying logged out for an extended period and then logging back in. I was logged off for 21 hours but that long may not be necessary. If that doesn't do it and you have that Blue Sound / Alexa skill, disable it and see if that works. One of those two things worked for me. Unless Amazon fixed something while I was at work today.

  • vsz

    Terry MacDonald - confirmed, my Amazon Music Stations appear to be working again. I did not do the extended log out like you did. I just started a station today without logging out and it worked. I think they just fixed it over night. 



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