Question regarding USB input & output functionality in new Node 130?



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    Seppi Evans

    This is a good question and one for the Bluesound Engineering team.

    Using the USB for you music source is really not the best way to add music to Bluesound, you may want to to see if your Hard drive can be shared using your Router or invest in a dedicated NAS which can be bought in the UK for less than £100 from the WD recertified store.

    Good article here regarding USB vs network share…


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    Gino Vairo

    Thanks Seppi,

    I’m grateful you took the time to reply to my query. As I mentioned I am using a shared network folder for my music also, but find I prefer the sound of the directly connected HDD as my source and also I get occasional stutters/drop outs in music via the networked source (my wifi network is very fast so i don’t think its a deficiency there). Is there any way Bluesound (engineers?) can answer the original questions relating to whether it’s possible to use a USB input as well as USB output fort the Node130? Also, whether the software upgrade for the 130 could also enable USB output from a Node 2i?

    Thanks again.



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