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    Hi Giulo

    1) In order to stay open to all voice options and let the consumer decide, such as Google Assitant, Siri and Alexa alike, we do not have direct integration but use an Alexa Skill - this also allows you to use other music services other than Amazon Prime/Amazon Music.

    2) The POWERNODE does not have a pre-out. if using the Digital out of the NODE, you will bypass the NODE's 24/192 DAC

    3) Yes the POWERNODE and NODE support eARC and CEC over HDMI

    4) The POWERNODE can be part of a Home Theatre Group with the PULSE FLEX or another POWERNODE as the rear channels. The NODE does not support HTG at this time - we support DOLBY in the POWERNODE but DOLBY Atmos will not be supported until later this year in the SOUNDBAR+

    5) See 4

    6) That's for your ears to decide - but we are confident you will be impressed with the sound quality you will hear. Consider a NODE as a pre-amp if you are happy with the existing setup but just want streaming and voice control to update your system.

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