My playlist and replacing my bluos device




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    Don't replace it - move the C658 to a different location in the home. That's the whole beauty of BluOS and Multiroom.

    With the C658 running on your network, add the M33. Once the M33 is set up, the C658 will replicate your Playlists, Local Library and Subscription Services to the M33 within the first few minutes of running. The two players will then work together with a hive mentality.

    If however, you do remove the C658 later, it will not affect the information on the M33 that has been replicated. Please be courteous though if you are trading in the C658 and factory reset once you have removed it from your network to prevent replication on the eventual next user.

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    Jeff Beckley

    Thank you.  Your right.  I did not realize that it’s a self healing system.  Sure enough when I attached bot the c658 and the m33 the m33 got my playlists.  Btw the m33 is magnificent.  I will have trouble selling the 658.  Good thing is it’s holding value well.  

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