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    Spencer Kantor

    Have you checked the tag data with a program such as mp3tag?  I've seen lots of ripped CD's that are missing or have incorrect genre tags.  You can add or correct the genre tag with mp3tag.  After making any tag changes always remember to rebuild your index; Settings->Music library->Reindex music collection.

    If you're going to be ripping a bunch of CD's a tool such as mp3tag is invaluable.  There lots of variability in tag data and you can make changes to keep things so they're displayed as you wish.

    Btw...Assume you've mapped the vault's storage as a mapped drive so mp3tag can access the music folders/files.  If not, see for details.

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    Richard Zolla like a charm. Even for a 70 year old Luddite like me.

    Thanks so much for the assistance.

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