TV bluetooth audio out of sync node 2i




  • Official comment

    There will always be a slight delay with Bluetooth.

    Consider connecting your TV to the line input of the NODE to minimise lip-sync delay.

  • Supalite SV

    Tony, other brands have no issue with Bluetooth synch, you can fix that

  • Jan Smede

    I have Bluesound system comprising Powernod 2, Node 2i and Pulse flex 2i. They are non-grouped and thus act as solitary speakers. On all these systems I experience a terrible audio latency when connected by Bluetooth to an iMac. For Powernod 2 it is in the range of 350-400 ms. For Node 2i it is in the range of 300-350 ms. It is just the same audio latency if I uses my iPhone 12 as a Bluetooth audio source. 

    As you say there will always be a slight delay with Bluetooth. But what do you mean by "slight"?According to Bluetooth there can be an audio latency of 35 ms in the system. Most bluetooth speaker have an audio latency of about 50 ms but never more than 100 ms. So, what is Bluesound doing to provide a delay of up to 400 ms?

    Such a delay is absolutely unacceptable. What is the purpose with the Bluetooth facility on Bluesound? What version of Bluetooth is used in Bluesound equipments? And finally - what are you going to do about it. 



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