Can it play DSD files



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    Bjørn Ulvik

    2.) Playing DSD Files in BluOS – The BluOS Support Crew

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    Thank you for your reply Bjørn.

    It seems like a lot of discussion before about requesting to playing native DSD file here in the forum...

    And I found something like a conclusion from internet as follow....

    "" The DAC only supports PCM up to 24/192. It can not physically process DSD nor can it pass it through. If they have any DSD support, it must be that they convert the stream to PCM in software and downsample it. I read long and various discussions on their forums where the Bluesound guys questioned what should come out the SPDIF jacks in this case. They seemed to be more focused on their inability to pass the DSD stream then they were about actually playing it. My new Node 2i was unable to play a 24/352 FLAC file I downloaded from So Bluesound is going to be heavily downsampling any DSD they convert. That's all they can do with the current hardware""

    Is that ture ?

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    Bjørn Ulvik

    Not sure about the meaning "downsampling" as DSD and PCM are two different "things".
    A DSD64 is (more or less) equal to PCM 24/88.2kHz, DSD128 equals PCM 24/176.4kHz.
    Looking at the "numbers", PCM 24/192kHz has a "higher resolution" than DSD128, and also higher dynamic range 120dB vs. 144dB.
    So basically, your Node2i will convert your DSD-files to PCM-files making them playable.

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