HDMI powernode 2i combined with samsung ue40ju7000l




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    We have not made any changes on this front. A factory reset would not alter the outcome of the POWERNODE. I would check your HDMI cables and ensure all is secure on that end and even swap out the cable. You may also want to check the Settings, Player, Customise Sources, HDMI and disable Auto-Sense. Then manually select the HDMI source using the BluOS App. See if that changes or alters anything. 

    If problems persist, we will need to take a closer look by selecting Help, Send Support Request in the app so we may review the log file. 

    I suspect however there was an update to your Samsung TV firmware and one of the CEC or Auto Sense settings changed there.

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    Dave Chawner

    Hi Marco,

    I have had similar problems connecting one of my Powernode 2i-HDMI amps via HDMI to a 6 years old Philips TV and have had string of communications with Bluesound support on the subject......so far, all to no avail.

    I have also tired of seeing the BluOS spinning circle!

    In this case, the HDMI arc connection will work, once, when both devices are newly booted or the HDMI cable newly connected, but thereafter it will always fail to connect.

    Good luck with trying to get any solution.....I've failed so far!

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