New to bluesound and questions on setup




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Kevin

    If you are listening to local content stored on your PC, you can create a local library and share the content from your PC and create a local library in BluOS. Here's how;

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    Kevin Ang

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I've got another question. 

    As I am very new to DACs, I would like to make use of the DAC on the N100, what kind of cable should I be using if I am connecting it to my AM3 and to my Liquid Spark AMP when I want to listen to it on a headphone? 

    I read that using a USB/ AUX/ RCA/ Optical cable would result in either the dac in my speakers being used or the dac in the N100 being used. And this made me very confused on which cable should use for both situation when I want to make use of the dac in the N100.

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    Sam R.

    Using the Analog RCA (red/white connections) out of the N100 would use the internal DAC of the N100. 

    Using Digital Optical or Coax would bypass the DAC of your N100. The N100 cannot stream out of the USB port (but if it could, then using the USB connection would also bypass the DAC of the N100)

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