Artist metadata oddness - Album Artist and track artist fields




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    Thanks for the feedback

    This is exactly how AlbumArtist and Artist tags are supposed to work.

    I will add when you search by Artist, BluOS returns results from both fields.

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    Tony - I'm confused.  Are you saying that my description is accurate - and that the per-track Artist entries are only listed if the same artist appears in at least one Album Artist entry?     If so, would you explain why that's the intended behavior?   I'm fully willing to accept that I'm not really using the various fields optimally for classical music, so understanding how you (Bluesound) expect them to be used would be helpful to me.

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  • I am saying;

    • When you select Artist View, the results are based solely on the AlbumArtist Tag
    • When you search, you get results based on the AlbumrArtist tag and the Artist Tag

    If the AlbumArtist Tag is blank,. we will review a combination of the Artist Tag and Album Tag to build albums in Artist view. This is the intended, by-the-book interpretation of ID3 Metatags.

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