Deleting albums from Vault




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    Sam R.

    Hello Chris, 

    If there are still some songs left over, check the Technical Info via the 3 dots beside the entry in the app and find the file path. Then check if that file path in the VAULT's directory. 

    Please also ensure that after deleting the files and completing the Rebuild Index, you are closing out the BluOS app and reopening it before loading the Library section.

    The BluOS Controller app is just that -- a controller for the player. It is not designed to delete or edit external files.

    Sam R.

  • Chris Smith

    Hi Sam,

    Yep, I checked the path... it leaves one or two random songs in the directory even after I rebuild the index.  I have reached out to Bluesound before about this and they have remoted in to assist.  I have not heard back from them this time however.  As far as the BluOS Controller app just being a controller, it has rebuild index and other diagnostic functions built in, why not a delete?

    Thanks for the reply,



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