No 5.1 sound from soundbar+sub+é flex (all 2i)




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    Hi Cedric

    Please connect your TV to the SOUNDBAR using optical out and abandon HDMI if your Panasonic TV does not support ARC. No signal changer with HDMI will work as these do not meet HDMI Certification and are ad-hoc;

    See this Help Centre Article to program your remote;

    If problems persist using Optical out, contact Panasonic and see what you need to do on your TV to have DOLBY out of Optical.

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    Cedric Bertin

    Ok just call me stupid: I finally found the problem: the Feintech was not delivering from the HDMI audio output.

    BUT foremost : I finally find a way to make it work through the ARC output of my old plasma (and the optical too): I think I just forgot to put the stereo surround option in the settings on the BluOS. Stupid I am!

    Now the DD 5.1 is working fine. Not HD I think but regular one is OK. 

    You can close the ticket. Like we said: RTFM! ;)


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