What is the difference between Vault 2 and Vault 2i




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Cloud Services are BluOS based so there is no difference there. The only differences are the VAULT 2i features Apple AirPlay and allows for two-way Bluetooth (headphones) via AptX HD while the VAULT 2 is only a Bluetooth Receiver using AptX.

    Additionally, other 2i products have dual-band WiFi allowing for 5G home network connections while the older Gen2 products only have 2.4G. We also introduced a second line-in to the POWERNODE 2i and in late 2019 added an HDMI port to the POWERNODE 2i w/ HDMI.

    All other internal components (including the DAC) are the same. 

    Alexa Skills is also BluOS based and is even available Gen1 Players.  So if you see a Black Friday sale on G2 Players, go for it!

  • Marko S

    Thanks Tony !




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