Not all tracks showing and cover art missing




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Ken

    Sounds like JRiver has some interesting Tags in there.

    Please ensure;

    • Album Artist Tag is the same (John Coltrane)
    • Album Tag is the same (A Love Supreme [The Complete Masters])
    • All files are in the same folder per disc -or- if multiple discs, the Disc Tag is populated correctly

    Please see; for more details...


  • Ken Andrews

    I understand the 3 points you noted. But, all the discs reside in the same folder on my PC, so i do not understand why a single album, on 1 disc (like the John Coltrane - Coltrane (1962) is not showing up at all in the Bluesound library. I recognize that multiple albums on 1 disc may pose a problem caused by me, but once again when i look in the music folder on my PC, they are there. I must say that this is very frustrating, and partially my fault.


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