Bluesound Powernode 2i and Subwoofer options? Active/Passive?




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    Sam R.

    Hello James, 

    You would need an active subwoofer since the POWERNODE only outputs a line-level SUBW OUT (a sub with either RCA IN or LFE IN would work -- for an RCA IN you would need a y-style RCA cable to connect the single-ended SUBW OUT on the POWERNODE to the RCA IN on that sub).

    I would recommend one with on-board crossover settings so you can adjust the crossover from the sub itself.

    Sam R.

  • George Allen

    Sam - Why do you recommend using the crossover in the sub, rather than the crossover in BluOS?


  • Sam R.

    Hello George,

    It was because at the time of writing that, the crossover was Fixed at 120hz. In recent updates though the crossover is now manually adjustable in the BluOS app under Settings > Player > Audio so you can set it from there now.


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