Airplay Password - How to manage this issue



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    Hi Santosh

    You (inadvertently?) created an AirPlay Password during the setup process when you were prompted by your iOS device. We have spoken with Apple a few times about this. There is no way in Bluesound to remove this without factory resetting your player. You can contact for more details.

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    Hi Santosh,

    I've been told that this can happen when the WiFi setup has been done from an Ios device’s WiFi settings, using the “Set up AirPlay speaker” function. It’s possible to enter a password at that point. Perhaps you can remove it the same way. If not, I'd guess a factory reset of your Node 2i could help solve your issue.

    Best, KriHad

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    Santosh Kunhiraman

    Hi Tony

    Negative. I did a factory reset after reading on forums and didnt set any password when i reinstalled the app on apple phone. I am sure as i had the same issue with my Bose Soundtouch 300 soundbar as it requested airplay passsword and after the reset it never asked again. Not sure how i can resolve it but i will do a device reset and see if it can be resolved. Thanks anyway.

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