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    Sam R.

    Hello Mr Douglas, 

    I would recommend opening the BluOS Controller app on your iPad (and then on your desktop), then navigating to Settings and hitting Reload Artwork. You may need to close out of the app completely after doing this and then reopen it. 

    If you still do not see your artwork on these devices, I would recommend uninstalling the app on your iPad and desktop, rebooting them, and then reinstalling the app to see if the artwork then shows. 

    Sam R.

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    Mr Douglas Gray

    Thanks Sam. I've done all that several times to no avail.  It's curious that all is well on the Android app on my phone.  I might try ripping the CDs again and uploading them to my NAS drive again. It's no big's only a handful of albums and I can stream them from Tidal if required.

    Doug G
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