Solid Blue light is on my Vault, but it cannot find player in the App at all.



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    Sam R.

    Hello Tom, 

    Regarding the Soundbar: 

    To re-configure the WIFi setup for your Soundbar, please follow the steps provide below.

    1) Disconnect the power from your Bluesound Player

    2) Connect an Ethernet cable directly to the Bluesound Player, which goes directly to your router

    3) Connect the power back into the Bluesound Player

    4) Wait until the LED is solid blue on the top of your Bluesound Player

    5) Open the mobile BluOS controller while connected to the WiFi network of your home

    6) Select the 3 lines in the top left corner of the BluOS app and go to Settings

    7) Select Player and then WiFi

    8) Select the WiFi network you wish to connect to and enter the password for it

    9) Wait 5 minutes and then disconnect the power from your Bluesound Player

    10) Disconnect the Ethernet cable and then reconnect the power for your Bluesound Player

    However, you mentioned in another post that you wish to use an Ethernet/LAN connection instead of WiFi. If yo uplug the Ethernet cable in directly, the Soundbar will automatically use this connection instead of WiFi

    Sam R.

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