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    Sam R.

    Hello Santosh, 

    In the title of the post you mentioned Bluetooth issues, but Spotify and Tidal streaming usually use WiFi.

    If you mean there is a Bluetooth issue, please delete the previous saved pairing on both your Node and your phone, reboot your Node and phone, and repair them to see if this resolves the issue. 

    If this is WiFi related, please power down your Node and reboot your router. When the router comes back online, power the Node back up and stream your music. 

    Sam R.

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    Same here. Was about ready to give up and send this thing back and then FINALLY I got it working properly for the last 2 weeks.  Now all of the sudden it’s not loading, losing connections, errors. Having to restart multiple times. Ridiculous already.

    For example: just now I tap the “Spotify” link in the main Bluesound menu and it takes me to “Choose your music” so I tap that then it’s gone and I get the error “Couldn’t load settings”.  Then I restart and it says “No player selected”. Then I restart twice and it says “What do you want to do?” So I select “Choose your music” and settings won't load. I could go on and on and on. This is sooo damned frustrating already. 


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