BluOS 3.10.0 Upgrade and Gen 1 Nodes Bad Firmware?




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    Sam R.

    Hello HolyDuck, 

    Your case has been escalated.

    KC, I see that you have a support ticket open; please continue to work with the support crew on this matter. 

    Please be advised that the 3.10 update, and any update we plan for, is made to support all generation of Bluesound player, and any discussions we have had regarding firmware upgrades have revolved around how potential hardware limitations with future models be alleviated so the older models can easily co-exist. 

    Sam R.

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    I have the exact same problem! "Happy" to hear about someone else - I was minutes away from buying a newer Node (which I still may do, but at least I'll wait to see if a 3.10.1 will fix the issues. Cause this is really annoying, to say the least...

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