2 Pulse Flex and 1 Pulse Node can't connect to wifi




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    Sam R.

    Hello Patricia, 

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues. 

    I would recommend setting your players up on the WiFi using the Ethernet setup steps below:

    1) Disconnect the power from your Bluesound Player

    2) Connect an Ethernet cable directly to the Bluesound Player, which goes directly to your router

    3) Connect the power back into the Bluesound Player

    4) Wait until the LED is solid blue on the top of your Bluesound Player

    5) Open the mobile BluOS controller while connected to the WiFi network of your home

    6) Select the 3 lines in the top left corner of the BluOS app and go to Settings

    7) Select Player and then WiFi

    8) Select the WiFi network you wish to connect to and enter the password for it

    9) Wait 5 minutes and then disconnect the power from your Bluesound Player

    10) Disconnect the Ethernet cable and then reconnect the power for your Bluesound Player

    Sam R.

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    Eddie Clark

    Hi Patricia. Get rid of them and buy something else. I've been trying to get mine to work for over 3 years now and I've spent over £2,000 on this equipment. I now use my £80 Sony speaker and play it through bluetooth. Every other piece of equipment I've got has a fantastic wifi reception in my house except my Bluesound speakers, Node and Powernode. 

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    Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for your comment. Did you get a refund? ;-)

    We've bought 2 Pulse Flexes and 1 Pulse. The batteries of the 2 Pulse Flexes never worked. I've tried the Pulse Flexes at work, they both had problems with the network connections, never responded well. Than I've tried them both at home, the same problem. The pulse got the connection but loses the wifi-signal more than it works. So frustrating. Tried everything I've could find on the matter/problem, but still no solution.  I've tried the steps Sam suggested. Led is solid blue but the app can't find a player.

    At the moment there is no guarantee anymore, so I suppose, I can't return them anymore. Wasted money, 1500 euro down the drain. 

    We have a JBL connect under 100 euro and that has no problem at all.

    Really, Bluesound not worth the money. Overpriced. Not satisfied.


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