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    Sam R.

    Hello Vincent,

    Very curious that Spotify works but you are receiving a Time Out error on Tidal, even when connected over Ethernet. Does TuneIN stream consistently?

    I'd recommend giving both the Powernode and your router a reboot just to refresh everything. If that still doesn't resolve the isue, I would recommend trying to log in using the following steps:

    Please try the following steps:

    • Open the BluOS app and navigate to Help > Diagnostics and note the IP Address
    • Open a web browser (such as Chrome or Safari) and type that IP Address into the address bar, then hit Enter. 
    • This should load the Control Panel of your device. You should see Configure Music Services here. Go into that menu and scroll down until you find Tidal
    • If there is a Tidal account signed in, hit Logout. Then, re-enter the page (if it does not reload) and sign in with your Tidal credentials.
    • Test streaming

    Sam R.

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