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    Sam R.

    Hello Tom, 

    Odd that with the Node connected over Ethernet there seems to be an issue. I have escalated your case for our support crew to look into. 

    In the meantime, I would recommend swapping out your Ethernet cable as over time it may have been damaged. Also, testing on wireless, do you get the same behavior?

    Sam R.

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    I don't think it is odd that any Bluesound devices have issues with ethernet and it seems that it is not just with Asus routers based on what I have been reading. This is something you guys need to acknowledge AND fix. I have so many issues with my Vault 2i since I got it 1+ month ago and on my 3rd set of ethernet cables - I can't use the stock cable as it's too short so I had to get 3rd party ones. I started with a Cat 6, then a Cat 8 and now a Cat 5e. I can't use the stock cable as it's too short.

    I can only hope that this works finally. I saw a new firmware and controller software update today and based on the change log, 3.10.0 is supposed to make "Improvements for network stability and power management."


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