Stereo swaps left <—> right on ‘analog in’. Please help!




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    Sam R.

    Hello Bartjan, 

    Very odd. I haven't ever seen this sort of behavior myself. Particularly given that internet streams such as Spotify and TuneIn do not exhibit this behavior, but analog connections do. 

    I think the best approach would be to replicate the issue, and once it reoccurs, open the BluOS app and send our support crew a diagnostic log using Help > Send Support Request (log will be automatically attached to the request) so that they may investigate closely what may be causing this. 

    It may also be helpful to add the make/model of your connected equipment when sending the support request. 

    Sam R.

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    Bartjan van t Slot

    Thanks for your answer.

    I have just replicated the problem and sent in the support request. Hopefully it can lead to something!

    The amp connected to the analog-in is an Arcam A38. The audio-out of the Node 2i goes back to the av-in of the arcam amp to display the sound in sync with a pulse flex 2i elsewhere in my house.

    Fingers crossed for a solution!

    And good luck trying to find out what is happening! Can imagine it being quite the challenge!! :)

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