DAC Used when streaming to wireless speakers




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    Hi Glen

    It really depends on your speakers. If your Active Speakers support MQA, then yes, if they don't you will only get a single unfold up to 24/96 going digital. Connect via analogue and you will get a full MQA connection.

    If you are using a third-party wireless speaker, then you will connect via Bluetooth and not hear MQA. If you haven't bought your speakers yet, it may just be simpler to instead of buying a NODE, purchase two PULSE or PULSE MINI speakers to receive full MQA capability.

    Contact your Authorised Bluesound Dealer for more details at www.bluesound.com/stores 

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    Thanks Tony, is the DAC in the Node2i same as the PULSE speakers?

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  • Yes it is, but let your ears decide...

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