Node 2i: 3 Questions related to iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Bluetooth Connectivity



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    Sam R.


    In order,

    1. Confirming: can the Node 2i receive Bluetooth from an iOS or Android device and then transmit that signal to BOTH

    • a wired speaker setup over Toslink to my Pioneer VSX-325 receiver (I’ve confirmed that the receiver can take external Toslink) AND
    • 1 wireless speaker over Bluetooth without latency issues?

    Unfortunately no -- it can only transmit to one paired Bluetooth device at a time

    2. Can tracks stored on a connected USB drive be changed & scrubbed from the iOS app?

    No -- direct USB connections are designed to be read-only. If you want to make an edit, you would need to remove the USB and edit on a different device (also that, in general, BluOS Controller is a controller only and does not make edits in general)

    3. Can tracks stored on a connected USB drive be changed & scrubbed from Windows 10 over a network connection?

    Just as above, no. 

    However, this is why we recommend connecting your USB to your router and creating a makeshift NAS; this way, you can use it as a Library share in BluOS and, while you still need to make the edits from your computer, you may do so over the network and no longer need to reach back and remove the USB every time.

    Sam R.

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