N100 vs Node 2i




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    Hi Pierre

    If you are currently happy with your original Bluesound NODE and using an external DAC, rather than replacing it, you may better make better use of your money by purchasing a PULSE MINI or POWERNODE for the other room and use them in tandem. 

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    Pierre Martinez

    Thanks. I am ok with the N100, but could I have better sound quality with the Node 2i?

    I do not have any use neither for the PULSE MINI nor POWERNODE, since I use the N100 for my listening room and for my patio speakers and I am happy with that set up.

    Since the Node 2i has a Coaxial output and the N100 does not, I thought that would add less jitter to my output to the DAC as I have read other folks comment.

    Also, I read the Node 2i might have a better "computer" with less jitter than the N100, faster processor and more RAM  and wondered if that would improve sound quality via the digital outputs. 




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