Best way to transfer vinyl LPs to Vault music library




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    Hi Rand

    Our good friends at NAD Electronics make some fine turntables. You will also need an NAD PP4 phono preamp with a USB port so you can store the digitised files to a Windows PC. The PP4 comes with encoding software. 

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    Rand K Barthel

    I do plan to equip myself with a turntable and preamp. I was thinking more about what comes after that. I run Linux at home, not Windows. The Audacity audio-recording package runs on Linux. I was thinking of using that to digitize the sound. (Is there anything better?) And then do I burn a CD and have the Vault rip it?  I want to do this cut by cut and re-create the album metadata.  Or is there a direct computer-to-Vault-library method that doesn't go through a CD?

    I don't plan to get rid of the LPs, I just want to be able to call at least some of them up from the Vault instead of lowering a needle on them.

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