Unicode Support id tags in Node 2i - or support for foreign language tags




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    Hi Michael

    The BluOS firmware on your NODE fully supports UTF-8 for foreign language support - please check your metadata source as we do in fact support non-latin character sets for Japanese, Chinese and Korean - I can't speak for Hebrew as I haven't personally come across it but have no reason to doubt it will work or our Israeli based Distribution Team would have notified us quite some time ago.

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    Michael Septimus

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I will probably have to change my cd ripper because the open source one I am using does not seem to support it.
    But that is a minor issue. Sol long as the firmware is good for it - that is the main thing..

    Will there be any issue with displaying the titles in the Windows or Android apps?
    I would have to assume not - unless there are different apps for foreign use.



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  • The Apps are designed with the BluOS Firmware in mine - you should be good to go

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