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    Hi David

    We have seen a number of issues with British Telecom Home Hub routers (along with other ISP provide routers such as AT&T, Bell Canada, Inspirion...) whether it be band steering (combining 2.4 and 5G SSIDs to a single name), multicast traffic being blocked or simply poor design of WiFi Extenders... Some ISPs are getting better as we all expand our IoT Automated Homes. Work with your ISP to find out why these products are blocking connectivity are consider or consider going it alone by purchasing a third-party device (Which I understand you have) to fit your home and your needs.

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    David R Willis

    Thank you. I was taken aback by a post where you didn't advise the customer that his BT router was below par for Bluesound products. I have spent £ and £  on getting the system to work, and it seemed on reading that post that my £180 layout may have been not worth it. Surely Bluesound can suggest some makes or levels of acceptance for their systems? My retailer was scornful of my BT router but still took my money. 2 years later I am still refining getting the system to work day in and day out. And yes, I now have a TPLink 2800 combined router and an RE450 booster. All expense I never expected to pay out after £1400 or more. Plus, having my house Cat5e wired......Phew.

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