Powenode 2i LED solid YELLOW???



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    Hi Sergey

    LEDs don't have a pattern that turns yellow;

    Blue = Ready (blinking is it's muted, VAULT flashing is ripping, it will blip when receiving IR command)
    Green = Needs network setup (blinking, connecting to the network)
    Purple = Network Setup timed out on 2i players (press to return to network setup)
    White = Indexing Local Music (blinking white/blue receiving updated index from other players)
    Red = Booting (blinking red POWERNODE or any PULSE model amplifier in thermal shutdown)
    Red/Green = Alternating - Software upgrading (ironically because we couldn't get amber quite right on Gen1 Players)

    So if your player is amber (yellow), I'm honestly not sure...

    I am escalating you to The Support Crew.

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