BluOS IOS App losing connection to Node 2i




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    The issue you are seeing is not firmware related - it has to do with the network device table of your router.

    • Please power down your players and any other network-attached devices. (Laptops, tablets and smartphones you can simply put in Airplane Mode).
    • Unplug your router for 30 seconds then plug it back in
    • Wait 5 minutes
    • Start powering up all your Players and network devices.
    • Reconnect your tablets and laptops
    • Relaunch the app

    This will reset your network router's cached addresses. Setting a DHCP reservation for devices will help.

    Home network best practices with all IoT devices (not just us) suggest you should probably do this periodically. If you have more than 10-15 devices on your network (BluOS Players, Tablets, Smart TVs, Thermostats... it adds up). Not as often as emptying the lint trap in your dryer but more often than changing the batteries in your smoke detectors.

    If the problem persists however, drop us a note at When you do, can you please tell us the make, model and operating system version of your smart device. This can be located by going to Settings > About on most phones or tablets. Also, if you have a wireless extender or bridge that the Player is connected to? If so please let us know the make and model of that along with the make and model of your router.

    Include in your information, if you do have a wireless extender, if you place your phone or tablet in Airplane mode and walk close to the main router, when by the main router, you take the device out of Airplane mode and relaunch the App, are the players found?

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    Thanks for the reply, I am pretty sure its the client side as I switched to my iPad and it has been working perfectly the IOS App version is 3.8.1, iPad is on latest IOS 13.5.1. The problem exists on my iPhone 11 pro which is on IOS 13.5.1 but the Bluesound app version is 3.8.3

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  • My experience tells me it's unlikely the App... please try the recommended steps

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    Matthew Mazzotta

    I just got my BS Node 2i and I also have a iPhone 11 Pro that is having issues connecting. It worked right out of the box. However when I woke the next morning it would not connect. It actually was not popping up on the iPhone in Apple Music or under “WiFi” in settlings. Is there issues with reconnection I should know about. I have factory reset the unit 3 times now and it will not stay connected after the initial connection.
    Any thoughts

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    Sam R.

    Hello Matthew,

    Once you connect the Node to the WiFi, it would no longer show up under the "WiFi Settings" of your iPhone, but should instead show up in the BluOS Controller app. 

    If you have factory reset the player but find it does not stay connected, I would recommend trying the WiFi set up via Ethernet using the following step:

    1) Disconnect the power from your Bluesound Player

    2) Connect an Ethernet cable directly to the Bluesound Player, which goes directly to your router

    3) Connect the power back into the Bluesound Player

    4) Wait until the LED is solid blue on the top of your Bluesound Player

    5) Open the mobile BluOS controller while connected to the WiFi network of your home

    6) Select the 3 lines in the top left corner of the BluOS app and go to Settings

    7) Select Player and then WiFi

    8) Select the WiFi network you wish to connect to and enter the password for it

    9) Wait 5 minutes and then disconnect the power from your Bluesound Player

    10) Disconnect the Ethernet cable and then reconnect the power for your Bluesound Player

    To see if it sticks. 

    If you find that the issue continues to persist though, please email to look into this further -- when doing so, please include the make/model of your router and any further details regarding your network picture to better diagnose the issue.

    Sam R.

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