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    Sam R.


    Firstly, sorry to hear the Toslink adapter didn't come in the box. You'll likely need to get in touch with our Parts Department (assuming you are located in North America), so please keep an eye out in your email for further instruction. 

    Regarding get TV audio to the Mini over optical: the Pulse Mini has an internal DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter), which is why it can accepts an optical input, so running an Optical w/Toslink cable from your TV to the Mini should suffice from BluOS' end (and, in the BluOS app, select Optical Mode which will show up when an Optical input is detected). 

    However one thing to keep in mind that the there may be settings in the TV itself that need to be changed in order to output over digital. You will need to refer to your TV model's documentation for this, and be sure that you are able to output PCM audio over digital (the Mini cannot decode Dolby Digital).

    Sam R.

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    Thanks for the response, Sam. Yes, I'm in North America. Reaching someone by phone has been difficult, a three minute call could solve all of this much more simply. 

    As I was typing this, I received an email about the missing adaptor. Yes, my TV does output PCM audio so I should be good there.  Like I said previously, the Pule Mini 2i produces very impressive sound. I'm looking forward to enjoying it even more by connecting it to a TV.

    FYI: the phone number in the Quick Start Guide is 888-531-4666. I just learned from one of your dealers that the actual number starts with 855, not 888.

    Thank you,


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