Just added my Itunes playlist, having issues




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    Yes and no...

    Apple has made significant changes to how their playlists are created with the rebranding of iTunes to Music App with Catalina's release.

    In the Music App, I would export the lists as M3U playlists then drop those in the root of the Music Library and Reindex. Select Help, Send Support Request in The BluOS App for additional guidance or help with this.

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    Dan B

    I appreciate the help, but I can't even find the option to "export the lists as M3U playlists'?

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    Wesley P.

    Hello Dan,

    To export your playlists from iTunes, please follow the steps below.

    1. Open the Apple Music App on your MacBook
    2. Under Playlists, select your first Playlist
    3. In the Menu Bar, select File, Library, Export Playlist...
    4. From the Save window, change the Format to M3U
    5. Change Where (the file is saved) to the Music Folder that is shared.
    6. Store the .M3U file in the same folder where the file Music Library is
    7. Press Save
    8. Repeat these steps for each and every Playlist in the Music App
    9. IF you make changes to a Playlist in the Music App, you will have to re-export it again

    As Tony mentioned, if you continue to experience issues after trying these steps and would like further assistance, please contact our support crew directly at support@bluesound.com or by going to Help > Send Support Request through the BluOS app.

    Wesley P.

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