Powernode 2i sudden distortion



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    Wesley P.

    Hello JMB,

    From what you have described, there may be an issue with the optical cable you are using to connect your TV to your Powernode 2i. What I would suggest is to disconnect your optical cable from both ends and reconnect it to see if this helps. If not, please try another optical cable to see if the issue persists.

    If you are still experiencing this issue even with a different optical cable, please contact our support crew directly at support@bluesound.com so we can investigate this further for you.

    Wesley P.

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    Hi Wesley, 

    I'm not using an optical cable, only HDMI. 
    Weirdly enough switching from regular tv to netflix and back solved the problem (for now). I don't understand why this happend and am afraid it will happen again. Maybe a setting in my tv automatically changed? 

    Let's hope it stays this way. 

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