How NAD C658 Dirac Live work with Its analog input ?




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    Hi Alan

    Please contact our good friends at They will be happy to help.

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    Kyle B.

    Q1. I am confused when i use the MM Input or Analog Line1&2 Input.

    NAD C658 will convert the [ Analog Signal ] to [ Digital Signal ], then C658 will do the room correction ?

    A2. Yes. Dirac is digital signal processing. So if you input analog signal, it must first convert to digital signal to process before outputting analog signal to amplifier and speakers.

    Q2. or just let the [ Analog Signal ] pass through ?

    A2. If Dirac is on then it must perform extra AD-DA conversion. See owners manual on ANALOG BYPASS. All analog signals remain in the analog domain without analog-to-digital conversions.
    On: DSP circuitry is bypassed but full tone control functions remain. Off: Analog bypass feature is turned off.

    Q3. , i am wondering the crossover setting working when Dirac play the test tone?

    I set the C658 crossover at 100kHz.

    In Dirac Live chart i found the main speaker still have signal under 100kHz.

    A3. Crossovers are not brick walls. They are slopes.

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