Best Way To Move A Large Network Library?




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    The recommend way is to remove the share form the Mac and then create a new Network Share with the Linux box. 25,000 songs from a wired network NODE to a WIRED Desktop will take about 20-25 minutes. Double that time if the NODE is wireless. Double it again if both devices are wireless. I'd wire the desktop.

    If it takes longer than that, consider right-sizing your album artwork for long term performance improvements;


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    Dave Miller

    Thanks for the response. Everything is wired (node, old mac host, new Linux host).  20-25 minutes sounds extremely fast.  The last time an upgrade caused a re-index it was more like 6 hours or more and the number of files was quite a bit less...  When you say "remove the share" do you mean just physically remove it from the Mac but leave the node 2i configured as it is pointing to the old share,  or remove it from node 2i config also?  Thanks.

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  • Hi Dave

    In the BluOS App, Settings, Music Library and uncheck the old share under Network Shares to remove it from the NODE.

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