RT100 and pulse sub



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    Wesley P.

    Hello Justin,

    The RT100 allows you to wirelessly connect your Bluesound player to a Bluesound Pulse Sub. This connection does not require any physical cabling aside from connecting the RT100 to the USB port of your player.

    From what you have described, you will need to connect the RT100 to the USB port of your Powernode 2i then follow the steps below to complete the pairing process.


    With that being said, the RT100 was designed to operate with Bluesound equipment and may not work with receivers made by other manufacturers such as your Marantz.

    Wesley P.

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    Dear Wesley,

    I was under the impression I would need the RCA cable connected to the sub-out. Apparently usb only is enough. Thank you for your reply and I will wait untill I have received the powernode. 

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