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    Hi Dilip

    Bluesound does not include any user preferences or authentication for ease of use. If you are installing Bluesound in a public environment, consider Bluesound Professional for commercial installations.

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    Hi Tony,

    It would be really helpful if we could set a password for the Node 2i when set in the home network. I saw many people are discussing this in forums. There are common situations where a WiFi connection is shared between apartments with one central router and repeaters in the apartments. The Bluesound Professional solutions are amazing but oriented more to businesses than home users. They would most probably not be used in such a configuration. The problem is not only the transmission/execution of sound on the player from side of unwanted devices/guests, but also the fact that the settings and the shared files are not password protected.

    It would be a great solution for many of your customers if you would add this function in the next firmware update! The user can still chose if set it or not, but the possibility would be really appreciated in a product of this price range and quality.

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