Reindexed albums don't have corrected name


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    Wesley P.

    Hello Sanford,

    When adding metadata to your music manually, you will need to edit the ID3 metadata tags of these files and not the names of the files themselves. To do this you will require third-party metadata editing software such as MP3Tag or Kid3.

    After making any metadata changes, a Reindex Music Collection should catch any updated metadata and display this new information in your library. However, if you notice your changes did not take effect, you can also try a full Rebuild Index by going to Help > Diagnostics > Rebuild Index. The rebuild will completely delete and recreate your index and will ensure all the information of your files is correctly displayed. After performing a reindex or rebuild index you will also need to close and re-open the BluOS app as much of your index will be cached directly in the app as well.

    Wesley P.

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