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    Wesley P.

    Hello Janos,

    I have seen some other users report similar issues when connecting headphones to the front headphone port of the Powernode 2i. In these cases, it seems to only occur with very sensitive speakers as they will still output the very low-level audio still being sent to the Powernode's binding posts.

    With that being said, this information has been brought to the attention of our Quality Assurance team who will be investigating this further to see if this is a hardware limitation or something we can address in a future firmware update.

    Wesley P.

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    Janos Czegle

    Dear Wesley, 

    Thanks for your response!

    I look forward to the solution. The product is thus not complete.

    I use with a Dali Oberon 7 pairs. Would that be too sensitive? Do they have a technical offer for what sensitivity speakers can be used without problems?



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