Change connection method from LAN to WIFI



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    Wesley P.

    Hello Bart,

    All Bluesound players will connect over Ethernet if an Ethernet connection is present. If this Ethernet connection is removed, the player will revert to its WiFi configuration. It is quite strange that your phone is pulling its own configurations after selecting your WiFi from the dropdown, however, what I would suggest is to disconnect the Ethernet from your player to see if the LED on your player turns solid blue to indicate it is connected to your network.

    If the LED does not turn solid blue, then the player is not correctly configured to your wireless network. To avoid this strange issue you are getting with your phone, I would suggest trying to reconnect your player over Ethernet and configure your player to your wireless network using another mobile device or the BluOS desktop app from a computer on your network.

    If neither of these suggestions help, please contact our support crew directly by going to Help > Send Support Request and a member of our support crew will investigate this further for you.

    Wesley P.

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    Bart Grandiek

    Dear Wesley,

    Thank you for your answer. Today I connected again via lan to the bluesound. After starting the bluesouns app I get a popup asked me to installed a new version. After installation I was able to configure the wifi properly.


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