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    Wesley P.

    Hello Barry,

    The first thing I ask that you verify is that you are selecting content with the MQA icon next to it when playing Tidal from the BluOS app. If you are playing content listed as CD, you will only receive CD quality (44.1/16).

    If you are selecting MQA content and you are still only receiving 44.1/16, this may be a limitation of your DAC. In the past, I have seen some DAC only able to process MQA content over USB but will not be able to process it over optical or coaxial input.

    If you can confirm you are playing MQA content through BluOS and that your DAC is able to receive MQA content from inputs other than USB, please send a support request through the BluOS app for us to investigate this further for you. You can send a support request by going to Help > Send Support Request and this will include a diagnostic log from your player automatically so we can verify what the Node 2i is outputting to your external DAC.

    Wesley P.

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