State of NAD C658 Roon support, missing Roon certification




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    Andrew H.

    Hi Alexander, Thanks for your message.  

    The M10 and C658 and not Roon certified yet.  To be accurate neither was officially posted or supported since they were released. The underlying RAAT support allows basic elements to automatically work, but requires cert and support to formally all work.

    Roon support will be added for both models, the timeline is not set.  We just released an update to Roon in BluOS 3.8 to align with a number of their updated requirements, but not all is finished.  Roon is a great platform, and is growing and changing all the time as you are aware.  

    We don't publish timelines, to be direct, unless it is imminent, as things change all the time.


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    Just to advise all the NAD owners with Roon uncertified product : C658, M10, M33

    Roon will stop supporting all uncertified products after the 21 september.

    At the moment it will work but if you disable or remove from Roon after the 21 september you will not be able to active it anymore unless it's a certified Roon.


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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Sylvain

    Thanks for the update. I have answered your other post here;

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