Cable connection Powernode 2i --> PC




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    Wesley P.

    Hello Nikola,

    Since the Powernode is designed with a power amplifier to connect directly to speakers, it does not have the same available outputs as a Node or Vault to connect to other devices. 

    With that being said, with the Powernode 2i the only available outputs are the binding posts to connect to speakers, the front headphone output or the 2 way Bluetooth connection for Bluetooth headphones. If you would like to connect your Powernode 2i to your computer, you will need to use one of the headphones options which will also disable the main speaker output of your Powernode 2i.

    Wesley P.

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    Nikola Randjelovic

    Hello Wesley,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    After your explanation, the situation is clear to me, so thanks again!

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