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    Wesley P.

    Hello Emiel,

    The BluOS app only has one option for the crossover from the SUBW OUT of Bluesound players called "Select attached speakers". This option can be found in the Audio settings of the player through the BluOS app by going to Settings > Player > Audio. By setting this option to With Subwoofer, your player will apply an 80Hz crossover to the speakers. By setting it to Without Subwoofer, your speakers will continue to get full-range audio with no crossover applied.

    With that being said, this setting will not affect the actual output to the Subwoofer and will continue to provide frequencies below 80Hz through the SUBW OUT no matter which option is selected.

    As for settings on the subwoofer, I can not say for certain as this would vary depending on the make and model of the subwoofer you are using. However, if you are using a Pulse Subwoofer, the top rubber panel can be removed to reveal a dial to manually adjust the crossover received by the Subwoofer. By adjusting this dial you can manually adjust the subwoofer's crossover to be less than 80Hz if desired.

    Wesley P.

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    Emiel Muller

    Hi Wesley

    THX for the clear answer


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